44ft Motor Lifeboats
ForceDescriptionMiles per hourKm per hourKnots per hourLikely wave height ftLikely wave height mEffects on landEffects on sea
0Calm0-10-10-1--Still - calm air - smoke will rise vertically.Water is mirror like.
1Light Air1-31-51-31-40.1Rising smoke drifts - wind vane is inactive.Small ripples appear on water surface.
2Light Breeze4-76-114-61-20.2Leaves rustle - can feel wind on your face - wind vanes begin to move.Small wavelets develop - crests are glassy.
3Gentle Breeze8-1212-197-1020.6Leaves and small twigs move - light weight flags extend.Large wavelets - crests start to break - some white horses.
4Moderate Breeze13-1820-2811-163 1/21Small branches move - raises dust - leaves and paper.Small waves develop - becoming longer - frequent white horses.
5Fresh Breeze19-2429-3817-2162Small trees sway.White crested wavelets form - some spray.
6Strong Breeze25-3139-4922-279 1/23"Large tree branches move - telephone wires begin to ""whistle"" - umbrellas used with difficulty."Larger waves form - white horses prevalent - spray.
7Moderate or Near Gale32-3850-6128-3313 1/24Large trees sway - becoming difficult to walk.Larger waves develop - white foam from breaking waves begins to be blown.
8Gale or Fresh Gale39-4662-7434-40186Twigs and small branches are broken from trees - walking is difficult.Moderately large waves with blown foam.
9Strong Gale47-5475-8841-47237Slight damage occurs to buildings - shingles are blown off of roofs.High waves - rolling seas - dense foam - blowing spray reduces visibility.
10Whole Gale or Storm55-6389-10248-55299Trees are broken or uprooted - building damage is considerable.Large waves - overhanging crests - sea becomes white with foam - heavy rolling - reduced visibility.
11Violent Storm64-72103-11756-633711.5Extensive widespread damage.Large waves - white foam - visibility further reduced.
12Hurricane73+118+64+46+14+Extreme destruction - devastation.Large waves - air filled with foam - sea white with foam and driving spray - little visibility.
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