44ft Motor Lifeboats


NumberGears etc.RatioPowerMax SpeedOrganisationTime Period
3208MG 506 hydraulic gearbox-203 hp16 knotsRNLIFrom 1979
3208MG-507 Marine Gear-210 hp12 knotsCanadian Coast Guard?
3208TMG 506 hydraulic gearbox-250 hp16 knotsRNLIFrom 1978
3126sTwin Disc 2.5:1385 hp17 knotsEx RNLI 44-0021996 - Present
Photo by Clive Lawford
3208 Caterpillars from a Canadian Coast Guard 44.
Photo by Clive Lawford
3208 Caterpillar engines in ex RNLI 44-001 3 July 2002.
Photo by Clive Lawford
3208 Caterpillar engines in ex RNLI 44-022 27 July 2018.
Photo by Mark Skinner
3126s Caterpillar engines in ex RNLI 44-002.


NumberGears etc.PowerMax SpeedOrganisationTime Period
V6-200Capital Reduction Gears200 hp16 knotsUS Coast Guard 44301-443361962 - 1978
V6-215Parsons hydraulic gearbox215 hp13 knotsRNLI1966 - 1982
V6-300?213 hp?Canadian Coast Guard? - circa 1974
V8-903Capital Reduction Gears380 hp18 knotsCanadian Coast GuardFrom 1981
Photo by Bob Hutton
V8-903 Cummins from Canadian Coast Guard boat CG 141.
Photo by Brian Goulden
V8-903 Cummins from Canadian Coast Guard boat CG 141.
Photo by Jim Scott
V6-200 Cummins from U.S. Coast Guard boat 44322.
Photo by Justin Merrigan
V6-215 Cummins from RNLI boat 44-002.


NumberGears etc.PowerMax SpeedOrganisationTime Period
L136TIH??14 knotsChilean Coast Guard (ex US Coast Guard 44312 44330 and 44383)?
Doosan engine room of ex US Coast Guard 44330 installed while with the Chilean Coast Guard

Ford Mermaid

NumberGears etc.PowerMax SpeedOrganisationTime Period
2704 ET Turbo Plus???Portuguese Institute for Lifesaving1978 - 2003
2704 ET Turbo Plus?250 hp16 knotsRNLI1973 - 1982
Photos by Clive Lawford
The above photos are of the 44-016 and shows her being fitted with a Mermaid 2704 ET engine at Ramsgate on the 6th February 1978.

Ford Sabre

NumberGears etc.PowerMax SpeedOrganisationTime Period
Turbo-Plus?250 hp16 knotsIranian Coast Guard/Imperial Iranian NavyFrom 1975

GM (General Motors Diesel) or Detroit Diesels

NumberGears etc.PowerMax SpeedOrganisationTime Period
6V-53Capital Reduction Gears180 hp15.3 knotsUS Coast Guard 44300 (Prototype)1962 - circa 1978
6V-53N45 injector and Borg Warner 73C Velvet Drive Reduction Gears185 hp12 knotsUS Coast Guard 44337-44409 and 44300-44336 from 19781965 - mid 80's
6V-53N50 injector and Borg Warner 73C Velvet Drive Reduction Gears210 - 215 hp12 knotsUS Coast GuardFrom mid 80's
6V-53ZF Reduction Gears??US Coast Guard44304 from late 90's
6V-53Borg Warner Reduction Gears??Canadian Coast Guard?
6V-92NMG 509 Twin DiscCirca 300 hp15 knotsEx US Coast Guard 44306From 2006
6V-92TA???Canadian Coast Guard1985 - ?
8V-53NMG-506-1 283 hp?Canadian Coast Guard?
8V-71?Circa 300 hp?Canadian Coast GuardFrom circa 1974
8V-53MG 506 hydraulic gearbox260 hp?RNLIFrom 1974
Photo by Clive Lawford
6V-53 engine room of the U.S. Coast Guard 44301.
Photo by Pro Dive Marine
8V-53 engine room of the ex Canadian Coast Guard boat CG 114.
Photo by Tom Haley
6V-92N engines in ex US Coast Guard 44306.
Photo by Jeff Marr
The 44342 engine room with engines painted in Detroit Diesel blue!


NumberGears etc.PowerMax SpeedOrganisationTime Period
????Canadian Coast GuardFrom circa 1974

John Deere

NumberGears etc.PowerMax SpeedOrganisationTime Period
6076 AFM?300 hp17 knotsMarine Towing and Salvage Co. ex US Coast Guard 44327 and 44332?
Photo by Marine Towing and Salvage Co.


NumberGears etc.RatioPowerMax SpeedOrganisationTime Period
Di9ZF 280-12.478:1300hp de-rated to 230hp13.8 knotsEx RNLI 44-0062014 - Present
Photos by Harbour Services Australia Pty Ltd
The above photos are of ex 44-006 and shows her being fitted with new Di9 Scania engines during 2014.

Volvo Penta

NumberGears etc.PowerMax SpeedOrganisationTime Period
TMD 100AMRF/700 Self-Changing Gears Ltd.264 hp12.5 knotsThe Norwegian Society for Sea RescueFrom 1968
TMD 100AMRF/700 Self-Changing Gears Ltd.??Ex Ole O. Hoshovde twin engines replaced by one TMD 100A engineFrom 1975
TAM 41ZF Reduction Gears145 hp?Ex Canadian Coast GuardCG 107/CCGC BurinFrom 2001
TAMD63-AZF Reduction Gears250 hp15 knotsPortuguese Institute for Lifesaving2003 - Present
Photo by Clive Lawford
Volvo Penta MD 100's in Arne Fahlstrøm 12 July 2005.
Photo by Bob Hutton
Volvo Penta TAM41's in ex Canadian Coast Guard CG 107 September 2002.
Photo by Eduardo Sarmento
Volvo Penta TAMD63-A engine being removed from the Portuguese lifeboat Sota-Patrão António Crista. Both engines were donated to restore the local historic vessel the Espalamaca.
Photo by Eduardo Sarmento
Starboard Volvo Penta TAMD63-A engine in the the Portuguese lifeboat Sota-Patrão António Crista.

RNLI Waveney Engines

Engine room engines during RNLI service.
BoatCummins V6General Motors 8V-53Ford Mermaid 595TCaterpillar D3208Caterpillar D3208T
44-013-1974--???? ?
44-015-1975-???? ?-
44-017--1976-1978 & 1980
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