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Friday, 2nd December 2005
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The last 44ft Motor Lifeboat Boat on active duty

By Bill Collette
Photos Bill Collette
Coast Guard 44301 the last 44' Motor Life Boat on active duty in the Coast Guard departed Group Woods Hole for a compass calibration and adjustments of the electronic package installed this week at Group Woods Hole, Ma.. They headed back to Chatham later in the day to become there ready boat.
This 44MLB has the numbers in gold on the hull because it is the oldest of that type on active duty still in the Coast Guard out of Station Chatham, Ma.. Due to the Bar conditions at Chatham there is no other standard CG boat that is capable of handling the Bar conditions with shallow water to. The CG figures it will be kept in service for 4 more years until another standard boat of the CG can be used in the Area.
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