44ft Motor Lifeboats

Rescue at Point Serenity

By Michael Hazard
Paperback 312 pages (January 2007)
ISBN 978-1-934051-05-4

Mystic Publishing
Book Description

In the frigid waters off the coast of southeast Alaska, Coast Guard Petty Officer, Josh Stewart volunteers to attempt a daring underwater rescue of a passenger from a downed seaplane. This incident becomes the catalyst that launches his Coast Guard career as a Rescue Swimmer. After many other life threatening rescues Josh finds himself and the crew of a Coast Guard 44-footer facing their ultimate test of courage and strength in a powerful storm off the Pacific Coast while en route to save the victims of a ship wreck. Speeding towards the injured and frightened victims, the rescue boat is buffeted by torrential rain and a powerful wind that forms towering waves and a raging sea. But the fierce storm is only one of the obstacles he faces in trying to rescue the stranded survivors who struggle against the power of the ravaging storm in their own isolated and precarious location huddled on a slippery rock precipice. As he attempts to rescue a trapped mother and her son, one final challenge forces him into a perilous life and death situation. It will take all of his courage, ingenuity and physical stamina to survive this struggle to stay alive in the sea he loves.

The Author

Mike Hazard served in the Coast Guard from 1970 through 1976. His first duty assignment took him to Biorka Loran on Biorka Island, fifteen miles west of Sitka, Alaska, for twelve months. He was next attached to Coast Guard Station Neah Bay at Neah Bay, Washington, where he served as a Motor Lifeboat Engineer for nearly two years on CG40501 and CG44364. For his final assignment, he was attached to Boating Safety Detachment 13 (BOSDET 13) at Sandpoint Naval Air Station, Seattle, Washington. He holds an AS degree in Construction Management and a BS in Business from UNLV. He currently works and lives with his family in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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