44ft Motor Lifeboats

The 44' Motor Lifeboat

By Victor Baca
Magazine - Volume Three, Number Four, Winter 2002-2003, 58 pages
ISSN: 1529-6296

Photomarine Archives
Model Ship Journal
P.O. Box 28516

Published quarterly in March, June, September and December
Article Descriptions

In this issue the 44' Motor Lifeboat is the subject of the quarterly feature "U.S. Coast Guard In Scale" which looks at plans, photos and kits for this boat. This article takes up the four centre pages and is illustrated in colour, which marks the first use of colour inside the magazine. There are many detail photos of the 44324, one of the 44406 out of the water and some spectacular shots of the 44303 and 44369. The set of 1/8" = 1' scale general arrangement and sectional plans are for the 44393. Lastly there is a cut-away drawing on the inside back cover showing a British 44.

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