44ft Motor Lifeboats

Lighthouses and Lifeboat Stations of San Francisco Bay

By Ralph Shanks & Lisa Woo Shanks
Hardcover (July 1990)
ISBN 0930268091
Paperback (July 1990)
ISBN 0930268083

Costano Books
PO Box 355
Petaluma, CA 94953
The Author (from book)

Ralph Shanks is a maritime historian specializing in the history of the Coast Guard, the Lighthouse Service and the Life-Saving Service. He has been trained at California lighthouses since age eight and this is his third book on lighthouses and Coast Guard search and rescue operations. His earlier books include Lighthouses of San Francisco Bay and Lighthouses and Lifeboats on the Redwood Coast. His articles on the Life-Saving Service have been published by the National Maritime Museum. Mr. Shanks has been a consultant on lighthouse and lifeboat station preservation and history for the National Park Service, Coast Guard, Bureau of Land Management, California State Department of Parks and Recreation, and others. He believes in gaining first hand knowledge of his subject and has been at sea in over a dozen types of Coast Guard vessels and has operated lighthouses and handled motor lifeboats. He is a teacher in the San Rafael City Schools in San Rafael, CA, and his love of Coast Guard history is only exceeded by his love of his wife Lisa and his family. Besides his maritime history work, Mr. Shanks is interested in Native American cultures and wrote the North American Indian Travel Guide. He has a masters degree in sociology.

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