Technical Drawings


This first batch of drawings were kindly sent to me by Lutz Zetzsche. The text on them is in German but should nevertheless be self-explanatory. The great thing is, all the drawings are fully dimensioned!!! The drawings are of the British 44ft Waveney class lifeboats 44-002 and 44-005 and were sketched in July 1991. Here is an outline of what is on the drawings.

Drawing 1 - MAST - Decca, Antenna and Mount, Blue Flashing Light and Masthead Light.
Drawing 2 - MAST - Antennas, Flagstock, D. F. Loop and Mount.
Drawing 3 - MAST ETC. - Mast Details, Lifeline Attachment, Lifting Eye and Bollard.
Drawing 4 - DECK FITTINGS ETC. - Stanchions, Switches From Instrument Panel, Emergency V. H. F. Aerial, Gun Line Box, O. F. Filler and Guard, O. F. Vent and Fire Hydrant.
Drawing 5 - DECK FITTINGS ETC. - Rocker Box Vent, Towing Fairlead, Emergency Tiller Cap, Aft Mooring Bollard, Supports For Aft Handrails, Footplate Details and Boathook Storage.
Drawing 6 - DECK FITTINGS ETC. - Bantex Aerial Base, Emergency Aerial and Fire Hose Stowage.
Drawing 7 - HELMSMAN SEAT AND FITTINGS - Helmsman Seat, Deck Light, Foot Rests For Helmsman and Intercom Socket.
Drawing 8 - WINDOWS AND WINDSCREEN WIPER - Windows and Windscreen Wiper.
Drawing 9 - BANTEX AERIAL - Bantex Aerial Fixings.
Drawing 10 - FAIRLEAD AND FORWARD MOORING BOLLARD - Fairlead and Forward Mooring Bollard.
Drawing 11 - HYDRAULIC WINDLASS AND ANCHOR HAUSE PIPE - Hydraulic Windlass and Hause Pipe.
Drawing 12 - RADAR SCANNER AND NAVIGATION LIGHTS - Radar Scanner and Navigation Light.
Drawing 13 - MAST SUPPORT, STERN LIGHT AND SUPPORT FOR TOWING REEL - Mast Support, Stern Light and Support Towing Reel.
Drawing 14 - WATERTIGHT DOOR - Watertight Door.
Drawing 15 - DOOR HANDLE AND AXE HOLDER - Door Handle and Axe Holder.
Drawing 16 - FAIRLEAD AND TOWING BOLLARD - Fairlead and Towing Bollard.


If you have any drawings, which you would be willing to let me use on this page, I would very much like to hear from you. (e-mail)