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Three ex 44's at the Cape D Reunion
By Gary Hudson BMC USCG Retired

Monday, 18th June 2007

Bob Meneghini, myself, Earnie Cassimus and Frank Wescovich started the process in January 2006 to be held Memorial Day weekend May 26-27, 2007. It was a long process for us and we managed to find around 110 of the men that were stationed at Pt. Adams, (The Pt. was across the river and up 3-4 miles in Hammond, OR.)The Pt. closed down in 1967 and all boats and men were transferred to the Cape. Cape D and the MLBS between 1960 and 1980. (had a couple before and after) It was held at the Elks Club in Long Beach, WA. on the 26th and we seated 220 for dinner.

The last 44' Motor Life Boat on active duty
By Bill Collette
Photo Bill Collette

Friday 2nd December 2005

Coast Guard 44301 the last 44' Motor Life Boat on active duty in the Coast Guard departed Group Woods Hole for a compass calibration and adjustments of the electronic package installed this week at Group Woods Hole, Ma.. They headed back to Chatham later in the day to become there ready boat.
This 44MLB has the numbers in gold on the hull because it is the oldest of that type on active duty still in the Coast Guard out of Station Chatham, Ma.. Due to the Bar conditions at Chatham there is no other standard CG boat that is capable of handling the Bar conditions with shallow water to. The CG figures it will be kept in service for 4 more years until another standard boat of the CG can be used in the Area.

The Sinking of HMNZS Wellington (F69)
By Grant Porter
Photos Grant Porter and Pieter Pieterse

Sunday, 13th November 2005

Today dawned clear with a 15-20 knot Northerly blowing. Berthed at Queens Wharf, Wellington were 3 Waveney Class Lifeboats. Trust Porirua Rescue (based out of Mana, ex RNLI 44-017), Westgate Rescue (based out of New Plymouth, ex 44-010) and Kaikoura Rescue (based out of Kaikoura, ex RNLI 44-022). Also in attendance was a Brede Class Lifeboat, Sealord Rescue (based out of Nelson, ex RNLI 33-12). At 0600hrs, these vessels departed Queens Wharf to form an escort for the decommissioned frigate HMNZS Wellington, which was towed out of Wellington harbour and out to Island Bay where it was to be sunk at 1500hrs.

The End of an Era
By Clay Evans & Wade Hawkins
Photo CCG Station Souris

Wednesday 30th June 2004

When the CCG MLB Souris departed its Prince Edward Island base for the last time today it was a sad moment for those who had served on her and who witnessed her leaving. Her departure signified the end of an era. She was the last of the Canadian Coast Guard's venerable 44 Foot Motor Lifeboats (MLB) in active duty, a class of vessel which had provided meritorious service in the cause of saving lives for almost 40 years - back to the origins of the CCG itself. more

Ex USCG 44304 still saving lives
Photo Robert Lyden

Thursday 13th November 2003

This evening the ex U.S. Coast Guard 44ft motor lifeboat 44304 which is now owned and operated by the Anderson Island Fire Department took part in a SAR operation and was responsible for saving the life of a prisoner that had either fallen or jumped off of a prison vessel. This vessel was from the McNeil Island Prison, which is located across from Anderson Island.

The man is thought to have been in the cold waters of Puget Sound for over two hours, so he was obliviously very lucky to be alive.

The crew of the fireboat was as follows: Chief James Bixler, Lt. Tom Huffar, Ron Music and Geoffrey Paton.

The fireboat “J.T. Mason” as she is now known, has been with the fire department since 1997. One of her main tasks is to transport people in need of medical attention from Anderson Island to the mainland.

On one such occasion the crew was transporting an expectant mother, when not long after leaving dock the mother went into childbirth. Happily everything went well and a little baby boy was delivered onboard."