Fins and Sponsors

By Clive Lawford  


You can use this technique to make the stern fins and the sponsors on the US Coast Guard 44’s.

First make a mould by cutting a piece of wood and three pieces of Perspex, two for the sides and the one end, to form the correct size and shape on the inside (see fig. 1).

Then cover the surfaces of the wood and Perspex which will be forming the inside of the mould with Sellotape, this is for release purposes (see fig. 2).

Now screw the sides and end together and go round the edges with Sellotape to stop any leakage (see fig. 3).

You now need to make up some polyester car filler, thinned with polyester resin or thinners, so that you are able to poor it, adding a little more hardener than usual. Now poor it into the mould making sure that you don’t have any bubbles (see fig. 4).

Please note that these next sections need to done quickly.

Remove the casting as soon as it has set enough and while it is still flexible and remove any excess (see fig. 5).

You can now glue it to the hull while it is still flexible (see fig. 6).

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Fig. 6