Dean's model of 44319


All photos are taken by Dean Nimax

This page shows Dean Nimax's excellent model of the US Coast Guard 44' MLB 44319 in the making.

The model is at a scale of 1:16 which makes it 84cm long. Dean has spent the past two years taking detailed photos, measurements, and video tape to make the model as accurate as possible. He has kindly allowed me to use these photos on this site as an aid to others and many of them can be seen by clicking on the following link.

He has used a Dumas Boats fiberglass hull and the rest is being built approximately 75% from scratch. He has drawn most of the parts full size on CAD for accuracy and plotted them to the correct scale as needed. He has even made decals scaled down to the correct size from his photos.

Below are a few photos of his model parts next to the original. Original parts are on the right!!!

I hope to update this page as Dean progresses with his model, so please come back and have a look to see how he is doing.


Console Details

Mast Bracket

Protective Screen