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Sites with 44ft Lifeboat connections

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Sites with 44ft Lifeboat connections

44' MLB Sailors - Reunion Hall (Fred's Place)

The 44373 accident by Mike Williams

Actual Vision (photo of ex 44-017, now Mana Coastguard boat, New Zealand)

ADES - Base 1 "Puerto Del Buceo" (Uruguay)

The Allegheny Arms and Armor Museum

Axis Historical Society's "Story of 44-006"

Brian Tague Photography

Canadian Coast Guard

Canadian Lifeboat Institution

The CG History Page

Charles Goes For A Ride On The 44 Foot MLB!!

Coast Guard 44 foot Motor Life Boat restoration project (USCG 44376)

Coast Guard Photographs

Columbia River Maritime Museum

Dr Spiff's Home Page

Dún Loaghaire RNLI - 44-002, John F Kennedy (see the Photograph Gallery)

Fairey Owners Club

Joe Novello's Home Page

Marine Services

Marine Towing & Salvage Co. USA

Massachusetts State Police

Motor Lifeboat Replacement Project

Newhaven - RNLI Lifeboat Station
New Jersey Scuba Diver - USCG 44322 and USCG 44333 Artificial Reefs
New Life for a Faithful 44 - USCG 44377 ( link)
By Ray Girard

The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue

Perfect Storm Classics (Photo of USCG 44317)

Portuguese Institute for Lifesaving

Pro Dive Marine

Ray O'Neal's Home Page

Royal New Zealand Coastguard Federation - Mana Volunteer Coastguard

Royal New Zealand Coastguard Federation - Waiheke Volunteer Coastguard

Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol (Australia)

Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol (Australia) - Batemans Bay Division

Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol (Australia) - Botany Bay Division

Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol (Australia) - Broken Bay Division

Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol (Australia) - Broken Bay's 44 Escorting the Olympic Flame

Small Boat Sailors - Reunion Hall (Fred's Place)

Sarah JFK (ex 44-002 John F. Kennedy)

Saving CG 44355 - The Township of Long Beach

Sea Rescue Institute of Namibia - Walvis Bay

Sea Scout Ship 601 City of Roses Portland USA

Teesships - Waveney Lifeboat

U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard History
U.S. Coast Guard - Image Gallery

U.S. Coast Guard - Station Atlantic City

U.S. Coast Guard - Station Chatham

U.S. Coast Guard - Station Chincoteague

U.S. Coast Guard - Station Grand Haven

U.S. Coast Guard - Station Portsmouth Harbor

U.S. Coast Guard - Station Sandy Hook

U.S. Coast Guard - Station Willapa Bay (

U.S. Coast Guard - The National Motor Lifeboat School

USS Tarawa Transfers Coast Guard Boats to Seychelles

Other Lifeboat Related Sites

Coast Guard Channel
Coast Guard Sea Veterans of America

Cutter Bahooglia

Emergency Rescue . Com

Fred's Place

Frequency Uk


HM Coastguard - Unofficial Website

International Lifeboat Federation

Jesse's Coast Guard Links

John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page

Lifeboat Services around the World (Proably the best site for sea rescue information)

Mags Un-Official Coastal Patrol & Links Pages

Maritime and Coastguard Agency

North West Research Group (Part of the L.B.E.S.)

Ray O'Neal's Home Page

Rescue @ Sea International

RNLI Lifeboat Enthusiasts' Society (L.B.E.S.)

The unofficial Mersey class lifeboat website

U.S. Coast Guard 13th District

Welcome to Lyapunovia (Lifeboat Photos)


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