Conversion and Restoration



Conversion of ex CCG 107
By Bob and Yvonne Hutton
Coast Guard MLB 44334
By William Church

Lifeboat gets thrown a lifeline - USCG 44359 (link)
By Jim Flannery, Soundings Magazine, January 2009

USCG 44ft Motor Lifeboat Restoration Project - USCG 44376 (link)
By Jeff Shook
New Life for a Faithful 44 - USCG 44377 (link)
By Ray Girard
Coneversion of ex RNLI 44-021 (ON 1065) (link)
By Graham Booth

The idea of this page is to show case studies of different boats from start to finish, so as to give an idea of the work involved and to answer questions for those who are thinking of attempting a similar project.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone (e-mail) who would be willing to give me details about 44's they are or have converted or restored.

The "44ft Lifeboat Forum" on this site can also be a very useful tool, where you can often find answers to your questions or post your own quires.