The Waveney Lifeboats



By Nicholas Leach

Paperback (April 2001)
ISBN 1902953010
Bernard McCall
400 Nore Road
BS20 8EZ


Book Description
This 88-page book is a detailed history of the 44ft Waveney class, the first fast lifeboat to see service with the RNLI. Thoroughly researched, containing many original and unusual illustrations, it traces the history of the Waveney lifeboat from development by the United States Coast Guard to acquisition by the RNLI and subsequent service in British waters. The 44ft lifeboat has operated in extreme sea conditions on both sides of the Atlantic and the book contains descriptions of some of the outstanding rescues in which Waveneys have been involved. The design met, and often exceeded, the demands placed on it by the courageous men and women of the lifeboat service. Detailed histories of every one of the Waveneys operated by the RNLI are included, as well as several photographs of each lifeboat. Profusely illustrated throughout, with many colour photographs, diagrams and lists, this book is the definitive history of the Waveney lifeboats and a must for the enthusiast.
The Author
Nicholas Leach, has had a long-standing interest in lifeboats and the history of the lifeboat service, and has visited every RNLI lifeboat station in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. He has written a number of books and articles on the subject, including a comprehensive history of every RNLI lifeboat station, which was published in 1999 to commemorate the Institution's 175th anniversary. He read Politics and Modern History at the University of Manchester, and is currently Assistant Editor of Ships Monthly magazine.

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