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12th February 2007

I have decided today, on the tenth anniversary of the Quillayute River disaster, as a small tribute to the crew of the 44363 and to all the other lifeboat men and women, to dedicate this site to them.

In the early morning ten years ago, the U.S. Coast Guard 44ft Motor Lifeboat the 44363 set out from Station Quillayute River in atrocious conditions with a crew of four Coastguardsmen. They were going to the aid of a small sailing boat the “Gale Runner” with a crew of two, which was dismasted and in danger of sinking.

Soon after crossing the treacherous bar, tragedy struck! The lifeboat was hit by enormous seas capsizing her three times. During this time Boatswain's Mate Second Class David A. Bosley, Machinery Technician Matthew Schlimme, and Seaman Clinton Miniken were swept away and drowned. Leaving Seaman Apprentice Benjamin Wingo, the only survivor aboard the severely damaged lifeboat.

The two people from the “Gale Runner” were later hoist to safety by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter.

I hope that when you are looking through the pages here, perhaps when you are looking at one of the dramatic photos, or maybe reading one of the reports from a medal service, you will spare a thought for the men and women who man these boats and risk their lives every day of the year to save others.

Articles on the accident, from the Seattle Times

Photos relating to the disaster

Past Tragedy Leads to Safer Future

USCG 44393 and USCG 44363 at Quillayute River

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18th June 2007

This site is dedicated to the remarkable 44' Motor Lifeboats, a boat in which her crew always had the confidence that she would bring them safely back to port.

The 44' MLB was designed by the U.S. Coast Guard, with work starting on the prototype (USCG 44300) in April 1961, which was completed on the 9 March 1962. A total of 110, 44' MLB's were built for the U.S. Coast Guard, with the last boat (USCG 44409) being completed in 1972.

The last 44' MLB to serve with the US Coast Guard was the 44301, which was retired from service on the 8th May 2009 at Station Chatham in Massachusetts. The 44301 was kept on at Chatham due to the special bar conditions there. She was finally replaced by three 42ft Special Purpose Near Shore Lifeboats built especially to handle the these unique conditions.

There was a great interest shown in the 44' MLB at the Ninth International Lifeboat Conference in Scotland in 1963, which eventually resulted in several countries adopting the design with some modifications for their own lifesaving organisations.
The RNLI in Britain acquired the USCG 44328 in 1964 and built a further 21, naming the class "Waveney" after the river in which the first boats were built. The Canadian Coast Guard received the USCG 44353 in 1966 and built a further 17. The Italian Coast Guard purchased the USCG 44337 and USCG 44338 while the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue and the Portuguese Institute for Lifesaving both built two boats. A further ten boats were built under licence in England for Iranian Coast Guard, bringing the total in all to 162.

As a measure of the success of the design of these boats, over half of the decommissioned US Coast Guard 44 MLB's were transferred to foreign maritime services, under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.

It was a similar story in Britain where again more than half of the retired RNLI's Waveney's started a new era of lifesaving in Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Namibia and Canada (CG Auxiliary). All but one of these boats, are now with commercial businesses or in private hands.

If you have not been lucky enough to have experienced this boat or doubt the qualities of it, why not follow the link below to my guest book and see what some of the crewmembers have to say.
It is my aim to accumulate as much information as possible, for inclusion on this site. I am particularly interested in finding out where each boat was stationed and during which years and to have at least one photo of each boat, see "Wanted Photos" below. Can you help? Before this information is lost forever!!!! If you can, I would very much like to hear from you. (e-mail)

As far as I know, this is the only site on the Internet which is dedicated purely to the 44ft Lifeboat!!!

If you are a member on the Coast Guard Channel Community, please feel free to join my groups there.

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U.S. Coast Guard Detailed Photos of 44319

The Quillayute River Lifeboat Disaster (USA)

44393 and 44363 at Quillayute River (USA)

FV-Liberty Rescue - 44329 (USA)

RNLI (Waveney Class)

RNLI (Waveney Class) Detailed Photos

44-001/USCG 44328 Photos

44-016 Detailed Photos

44-016 at Ramsgate (14.7.1976-90)

44-016 at Tobermory (6.8.1990-91)

44-016 at Portree (2.5.1991-6.6.1996)

44-016 at Port Howard (7.1998-Present)

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The Quillayute River Lifeboat Disaster (USA)
Seattle Times

44ft Motor Lifeboats (USA)
The grounding of 44392 (USA)

Past Tragedy Leads to Safer Future (USA)

Boatswain's Mates Don't Cry, By Dennis L. Noble. About the Quillayute River Lifeboat Disaster (USA)
From Deb Bailey's Homepage

Coast Guard 44-foot motor lifeboat part of realistic rescue display (USA)
From Pacific Tides Online web site

Handling heavy surf in the USA (UK)
RNLI Lifeboat Magazine

Pleasure Craft Vir-Gin (USA)
By BMC Gary Hudson Ret.
USCG 44304 Biggest Breaker (USA)
By BMC Gary Hudson Ret.

Trawler saved in violent storm - Silver Medal Service (UK)
RNLI Lifeboat Magazine

The 44373 Accident (USA)
By BMC Mike Williams Ret.

The Capsizing of 44407 (USA)
By BMC Mike Williams Ret.

Four US boats for Coast Guard to arrive by Monday (Guyana)
Stabroek News

Chatham’s Lifeboat Comes Home, 40 Years Later (USA)
The Cape Cod Chronicle

Coast Guard Boat Decommissioned (USA)
The Holland Sentinel
Lifeboat gets thrown a lifeline - restoration of the 44359 (USA)
By Jim Flannery, Soundings Magazine, January 2009
RVCP rescue vessels (Australia)
Waveney-class lifeboat trucked from Narooma to WA (Australia)
New Waveney Class Lifeboats (New Zealand)



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You will be credited for your photos etc., plus you will have the knowledge that they will be gratefully received and will be enjoyed by many.

Any good photos of 44's and

Photos of any 44's under construction

Iranian Coast Guard/Imperial Iranian Navy
Built by Fairey Marine Limited at Cowes in England
1603 1604 1605
1606 1609 1610

The Engine Room
(photos of engines)
Canadian Coast Guard - Isuzu
Iranian Coast Guard - Ford Sabre

Portuguese Institute for Lifesaving - ?

Ex 44ft Lifeboats

U.S. Coast Guard
USCG 44349
Now owned by The State of Maryland
At Maryland (artificial reef) Renamed "O.C. M.S.S.A. Wreck" or "Harrison Group Wreck"

Canadian Coast Guard
Now owned by John Managh
Golden, British Columbia
Still in service
Still in service
Now owned by ?
Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
CCGC CG Cap Goélands
Still in service

Portuguese Institute for Lifesaving
UAM 666
Still in service
UAM 673
Still in service

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